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Hubbell/Killark is always a leading firm in the development of specification grade electrical products and engineered systems for hazardous, hostile, corrosive and general industrial environments for more than 80 years experience, bringing you a comprehensive selection of electrical fittings, enclosures, distribution equipment, plugs and receptacles, controls and lighting fixtures of NEC classifications and NEMA designations.

Through ongoing process of Total Quality Management, Killark is committed to meeting the highest level of customer expectations.

Hazardous locations are those areas where a potential for explosion and fire exist because of flammable gases, vapors (in quantity sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures as Class 1) or finely pulverized dusts (present combustible as Class II) in the atmosphere, or because of the presence of easily ignitable fibers or flying (in suspension in the air in quantities sufficient to produce ignitable mixtures as Class III). Hazardous locations may result from the normal process of certain volatile chemicals, gases, grains, etc., or they may result from accidental failure of storage systems for these materials. It is also possible that a hazardous location may be created when volatile solvents or fluids, used in a normal maintenance routine, vaporize to form an explosive atmosphere.

...Product lines:


Plugs & Receptacles

Circuit Breaker Panelboards

Drains & Breathers

Circuit Breaker Enclosures

Unions & Breathers

Conduit Nipples


Flexible Couplings

Elbows & Adapters

Cable Connectors

Fire Alarm Station

Close-up plugs

FS/FD Device Bodi


Conduit Bodies

Liquid-Tight Connectors


Lighting Fixtures




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