Hubbel Wiring Device

Hubbell Wiring-Kellems (WDK) with its traditional standards for safe, innovative and higher performance electrical connection has been the leader in the wiring devices market since 1888, its commitment to quality continually reinforces a philosophy of unrivaled performance and ISO 9002 certification. While all Hubbell (HBL) receptacles are designed and manufactured to withstand even the harshest environments in compliance with NEMA, UL, CSA and IEC standards.


...The features and benefits of HBL5262 heavy duty duplex receptacles includes:

One-piece brass integral ground strap for low resistance of fault currents

Ground retention clips for longer, more consistent contact pressure

Exclusive by pass contact design results in greater contact force and reduced heat

Square head, 10-thread brass center rivet won't rotate, reduces stripping and resist

I.D. marking surface provides quick, sure circuit identification

Barbed assembly arms (patent pending) reduce possibility of face/base separation

Back wired ground terminal allows faster, easier installation

RTP (Rynite) base offers greater heat resistance plus contact stability

External bundling terminals (patent pending) contain wire strands and are designed .
for quick inspection

Deeply Nylon body design delivers increased impact resistance

.....Product Lines:

Twist-Lock for IC industry, electronic plants, food processing, and shopping mall

Hospital grade and its green dot features low operating temperature, low
resistance ground continuity and tough and heat resistant

Pin and Sleeve for agriculture, chemical processing, construction, entertainment, food
processing, food service, light manufacturing and military

Quick disconnect control connectors for solenoid valves, photo eyes, limit switch

Ground fault receptacles of indoor, outdoor and portable type to provide ground fault

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS), power line conditioner and isolated
ground devices for communication and internet data center

Single pole connectors rated 300-400A, 600VAC, NEMA 3R for battery sets

Kellems wire management products

Temporary power of NEC 305-6 for construction site and outdoor events place

Marine products up to IP67 and 100A, 120/208 ship to shore cable sets

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